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About APP

1. Where to download APP?
IOS Download link    android Download link
APP use the help(English)
2. How APP connect to smart luggage?
Answer:First, Please confirm the smart luggage is switched on. Please make sure your mobile phone Bluetooth is opened. Then begin to pair Bluetooth as following.
Log on your APP, from APP->Setting->Search Bluetooth, or click the grey sign to enter Search Bluetooth, then click Searching, and you will find the searched “iChamber”, click “iChamber”to connect.
You have to input the password if this is the first connection in your mobile phone. The default password is “000000”.
You will see the grey sign turned into blue when the Bluetooth is paired successfully.
Later, the Bluetooth will be automatically connected and you do not need to input password again to pair when you open APP.

After-sales service:

3. Why my mobile phone can’t connect to smart luggage?
Answer: Please check as following:
(1)Make sure the smart luggage is switched on
(2)Make sure your mobile phone Bluetooth is open
(3)Make sure the smart luggage has not connected to other mobile phone or devices.
If above are all OK, please do the following operations:
(1)Do the operation “Forget” to unpair the Bluetooth connection in your mobile phone. See figure below.
(2)Switch off the Bluetooth of your mobile phone, and then switch on again.
(3)Restart your smart luggage.
(4)Quit APP, and then open again. 4.Can multiple mobile phones connect to one smart luggage or multiple smart luggages connect to one mobile phone?
Answer: Yes. But at the same time, one smart luggage can only connect to one mobile phone, and one mobile phone can only connect to one smart luggage.
Answer: Yes. But at the same time, one smart luggage can only connect to one mobile phone, and one mobile phone can only connect to one smart luggage.

二、About the smart luggage

1.How can I do if I forget the Bluetooth password of my smart luggage?
Answer: Log on your APP, go to Setting->Find Bluetooth Password, Click “Find Bluetooth Password”, the Bluetooth password will be sent to the email of user email account which changed the latest Bluetooth password successfully. “Find Bluetooth Password” can work even the Bluetooth is disconnected.
Please check your email junk box if you have not got the password in email receive box.
2. Why the smart luggage alarm when I switch on the smart luggage?
Answer:It’s because you switched on the “Anti-lost Alarm” on your APP.
If you don’t want to hear the alarm when you switch on your smart luggage, Please switch off the “Anti-lost Alarm” on APP before your switch off your smart luggage.
3. Why I can’t get the real-time position of my smart luggage?
When you see“Device not online”, it means the smart luggage have not connected to internet successfully, please check as following:
1) Whether the smart luggage is switched on and the mode of Power Consumption is NOT “Power saving mode”.
2) Whether a legal SIM card is well inserted in smart luggage and the SIM card can work properly, no any arrearage.
3) There are GSM/GPRS network with signal strong enough for the SIM card to access.
When you see “Failed to positioning”, it means failed to get the position from smart luggage. The smart luggage may be in a position with weak or non GPS signal.
(1) The stronger the GPS signal or the more open the space, the higher the positioning accuracy.
(2) During the access to wireless network and searching the GPS satellites, you may fail to get the real-time position. We suggest you do not require the real-time position until the smart luggage access to wireless network and get the GPS data (About 2-3 minutes since the smart luggage power on).
4. Why no power when I charging my mobile phone by using 2-in-1 extractable cable or USB port in the panel of smart luggage?
Answer: The power bank also supplies power for mobile phone and other terminals. The power of both Apple/Android 2-in-1 extractable cable and USB port are all from Power Bank. The 2-in-1 extractable cable and USB port support Plug and Play to charge your mobile phone.
If you find no power in 2-in-1 extractable cable and USB port, please first make sure the Power Bank is in the right position and its cable is well connected.
If the Power Bank does not respond to the Plug and Play, it is because of your iPhone cannot awake the Power Bank(Power Bank is in sleep status to save power when no load), please awake the Power Bank by pressing On/Off button on the panel.
5. Why the Bluetooth disconnected when the distance between my mobile phone and smart luggage is more than 3 meters?
Answer: It’s because the Alarm Distance in your APP is configured as Near. Please change Near to Far.
6.Can the smart luggage pass the security checked in airport and be carried by hand on aircraft?
Answer: Yes, no problem.
According to the aviation control regulations, the mobile power cannot be consigned for transport separately, but it can be carried on hand. Each person can carry a charging Power Bank with a total capacity of 160Wh (about 40000 mAh) and a quantity of no more than two. For lithium battery, the electronic equipment with lithium battery can be both consigned and carried. The spare lithium battery can be carried on hand, or be consigned for transport separately when it is packed and protected to prevent from being short circuited during its transportation.
The smart luggage is designed from the beginning to avoid these problems. There are three level power supply: lithium battery, smart power bank, external adapter.
The Smart Power Bank has capacity of 10200 mAh (about 37Wh), and can be very convenient to pick out as ordinary power bank.
When pass the security check, pull the front cover zipper to take out the smart power bank and take it back after the security check

7.About the safety by mobile phone APP Lock/Unlock and the Bluetooth password.
Our patent of safe power supply mechanism will make the built in lithium battery always in a relatively sufficient state of electricity, and when the lithium battery and smart charging power are exhausted, we can also charge the lithium battery and mobile power by the charger through the external charging port.
Cell phone unlock, we set the password to ensure safety. You can log in to APP to modify the Bluetooth password. If the password is not leaked to others, there will be no security problem. If you haven't used the Bluetooth password for a long time, you can retrieve the password from APP, or you can reset the Bluetooth password to the initial password when you log on to APP.
In addition, we equip each smart luggage with two physical keys for backup.

8.Can I use my power bank to replace the Smart Power Bank in the smart luggage?
Yes, you can.
There are no apparent difference in outlook between the ordinary power bank in public market and our Smart Power Bank. But we do recommend you use our Smart Power Bank instead of ordinary power bank in public market. There are two reasons:
(1)The ordinary power bank in public market cannot charge the built-in lithium battery smartly, and APP cannot show the power level of the ordinary power bank, which is easy to lead to the insufficient power of the smart luggage.
(2) The quality of the ordinary power bank on the market is uneven, and some of the quality is not reliable. Some of them main even influence the use of the smart luggage.

9.About the SIM card of Smart Luggage
The SIM card in the smart luggage compartment mainly realizes the function of transferring the location data to the cloud server. The SIM card is provided by telecommunication operators. In China market, we offered a SIM card from China Mobile company with monthly data package.
The user, can also use his own SIM card to replace the SIM card we provided, as long as his SIM card works in GSM/GPRS network. In China mainland, you have to use the SIM card from China Mobile company.

10.About the accessories and aftersales.
If you want to purchase our Lithium battery, Smart Power Bank, SIM card data package service, please visit our internet shop or call us.
We will strictly abide by the after-sales service commitments to any clients which use our accessories, no matter you buy the smart luggage from us directly or not, as long as the accessories are from our companies.