About Us

About Us

Shanghai Surui Smart Technology Co., Ltd.

started in Shanghai China since 2014, is an innovative high-tech company specializing in researching and developing smart life related solutions and products,and is also the first and the only one who is committed to smart solutions and models for luggage in the world.
Adhering to the business philosophy "Innovation Leading, Quality is King, Customer First" , insisting on people-oriented rules and around innovative life products , the company is focusing on providing more convenient ,more comfortable and more intelligent products for people's lives.
Innovation Leading, the company is very focused on the accumulation of core technology, and currently has more than 10 authorized patents.
The company deems quality as the life enterprise, and adheres to the "Quality is King" business philosophy through the whole R & D and production process. From the supply of materials, developing, to each function's realization and assemble and factory testing, there are strict standards and complete testing, to ensure the products standing the trail from the field and trustworthy from customers.

At present, the hot sale products include "Chevere" smart luggage and "iChamber" smart module which is specially used for luggage and aiming to suitcase factories. The "iChamber" smart modules have rich and practical smart features as consumer electronics, and with the modular architecture which is universal. The suitcase factories need only to purchase the modules and assemble to the luggage, then the luggage is easily upgraded to be smart luggage. "The launch of "iChamber", will bring the wisdom of the luggage industry revolution and it really the gospel of suitcase enterprises."  a famous media wrote.


Patents Awarded